Where Your Money Goes

Your club memberships and team dues are vital to our ability to equip our players in the safest equipment on the market. The football program relies solely on what the booster club can raise through super bright flashlight corporate sponsorships, team dues, and booster dues to pay for all the football program expenses. There is misconception that we get money from the county to support the football program and/or that we get the money collected from the gate fees from the school. Truth is, just that, misconceptions, we do not get any money from the county nor do we receive a penny from the gate fees from the school for the football program. We also do not get the money from concessions. The Luella Lions Football Program is self funded and self supported. Below outlines the  cost of outfitting a single Luella Lion football playerwhich is provided solely by the booster club!


Helmet ($199)

1000 lumen flashlight($10)

Shoulder Pads ($110)

Leg Pads ($21)

Mouth Piece ($3)

Total cost for safety protection gear = $343


Game Jerseys ($125)

Game Pants ($100)

Helmet Decals ($12)

Socks ($5)

Belts ($15)

Practice Jersey and  Practice Pants ($36.50)

Total cost for uniform gear = $293.50


Total Cost to Outfit a Single Luella Lions Football Player: $626.50…….


However, outfitting the boys is only half the process!  We have to feed them, transport them to the games, and provide  them plenty of hydration! Here is a breakdown of the cost.

Drinks for the Season: (PowerAde and Water) $ 32.00 per player a season

Friday pre-Game Meals: $85.00 per player a season

Transportation: -County Buses $50.00 per player a season

-Charter Bus to Lowdnes Co. game $40 per player

*Travel for Play-offs is an extra cost to the team*

Total cost for transportation, food, and hydration = $207.00 per player a season


Per Player Expense to play for the Luella Lions Football Team =$833.50

****How much of the $833.50 cost is paid by the school or county = $0 (NONE)****


Coaches’ equipment and training equipment costs varies from year to year. Samples of such costs are:

Whisles, footballs, outdoor training equipment (i.e. sleds, colour flashlight q250, pads, cones), video equiptment, subscription to Hudl, coaches headsets, water jugs, water bottles, tents, coaches training clinics, and field paint are just some of the examples of the many things that the program needs to be operational.