Past Players

Past Players
The following are a list of players who have played football for Craigbane Senior Team. The players are listed by flashlight taser in the decade in which they played their first match. Some of the players have spanned over a few decades!
We have tried to include everyone but if anyone has been omitted, we apologise and ask you to contact us as we would like to make this as accurate as possible.

James O’Neill Philip Crossan Charles Donaghy Henry Kerlin
Paddy McLaughlin Joseph Lyndsey Paddy Grieve John Devine
Neil Crossan James Donaghy Paddy Gormley Patsy Brolly
Paddy Mullan Charles Kelly James Devine Benny Kelly

Freddie Gormley Mickey Gormley John Kerlin James McGilligan
Charles Cartin Danny McCloskey Joe Bryson Noel McLaughlin
Jim O’Kane Jim O’Neill Billy Mulheron Frank O’Kane
Patsy Murray Hall Lynch Gerry Crossan Peter McLaughlin
Peter Mullan Arthur Mulheron Harry McCloskey

Philip Kerlin John McLaughlin John Sharkey John O’Neill
Brendan Grieve Anthony Sharkey Colm Gormley Christy Grieve
Christy Crossan Paddy Cartin Terry O’Kane Mickey Crossan
Fred Gormley Peter Cartin Brendan Devine Willie Crossan
Peter Gormley Thomas G McCloskey PhilipDeclan Cartin Noel Moore
Paddy L Kerlin Clement O’Hara John Hood James Kerlin
Raymond Cooke Michael McLaughlin Francis Deeny Leo Gormley
Leo Devine John Devine Gerry Cartin Harry McLaughlin
Liam Dixon Phonsie McLaughlin

Gerard McLaughlin Conrad McGuigan Jude McCloskey George Sharkey
Liam McLaughlin James Devine Dermot Gormley Paul Dixon
Kieran McElhinney Shane Lynch Pat Gormley Pat Crossan
Eddie McElhinney J P McCloskey Thomas Hasson Colm McElhinney
Brendan Gormley Gerry McElhinney Seamus McCloskey Paul McLaughlin
Maurice McElhinney Noel Murphy Dermot Coll Denis Crossan Dominic Burke
Gerard Crossan John McMenamin Damien O’Kane Alfie Dallas (senior)
John Nicholas Matt Armstrong Benny O’Kane

Gary McLaughlin Kevin Moore Fergal Moore Stephen Sharkey
Damien McLaughlin Sean Crossan Gabriel McLaughlin Damien Crossan
John Donaghy Fergal Crossan Gavin Conwell Alfie Dallas(junior)
Paul Gormley Gerard McGinty Thomas Coll Eamon McLaughlin
Martin McGinty Raymond Quigg Ryan McDaid Stephen Devine
John Montieth Martin McKernan Stephen O’Neill Garry Mc Kernan

Padraig Brown Cathal O’Kane Jonathan Hood Adrian Devine
Shane Gormley Ruairi Gormley Paul McGinty Anthony Cooke